Help Animal Shelters

For each sale, we take 90% of the revenue and buy groceries for local animal shelters.

The revenue from the Premium version is mostly going to be used to buy supplies for the Animal Shelters near Rijeka, Croatia as I can deliver them myself then.

So how is this going to work? Here is a simple explanation.

Example of a sale of $49/year:

1. 27% goes to Freemius, the company I use for selling my plugins (read more below),

2. I am left with $35,77 so I use 10% of it for supporting my time,

3. so, $32 is going for animal shelters

Freemius has a pricing plan like this:

– 27% on first $1k (that’s until we reach 21 sales)

– 17% on $1k-5k (that’s after we reach 21 sales ) = $36 goes to animal shelters,

– 7% after $5k (that’s after we reach 102 sales ) = $41 goes to animal shelters

1 sale could (almost) secure 1 month of food for 1 dog in the shelter. Let’s make this happen!